end of love is a project carried out in the European countries which used to be a part of the Middle East European Block and were subordinate to the ZSRR.
Apart the cultural, social, and religious diversity, all the countries constantly struggle with the problem of subjection to Russia in terms of the politics, as well as the economy. The process of changes and the development of identity of these countries seems to be overwhelmed by constant fear of the possibilitof loosing their own neutrality. Such an attitude is triggered by the real danger of the Russian attacks. At the same time, each of these nations aims at patterns and ways of life of the Western Europe. The problem of dependence and fear of the East is strickly connected with the dreams of the Western way of living.

end of love stands for the end of love and dependence which never came. Even though this "eastern love" is destructive, it is still hard to leave it behind. It is a strong relation which turned out to be addiction, from which it is hard to escape. The whole phenomenon can be easily described in one sentence: "You cannot reach the West, you cannot escape the East".

These pictures are an attempt to illustrate the very problem.